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    Out of Work

    December 12th, 2012

    I find myself lacking employment after nearly four and a half years working at Trion. I know that everyone in charge did everything they could to avoid the “Reduction In Force” that finally led to my end there, but such is the reality of this industry.

    It was a fun ride. In the end, I think I got to leave Clerics in a pretty good place. They’re by no means perfect, but they’re solid and I feel like every soul has a true purpose now. I could have finished smoothing out the wrinkles in the Defiler, I could have pushed for more mobility on the Inquisitor, maybe one day I could have even gotten Druids stealth (I was SO close). In the end, they’ll be fine. They’re still in good hands, even if those hands are not my own.

    Tanks should all be equal now. Healing is fun and varied in its methods of execution. Even DPS is finally evening out. Not only did the expansion bring fun, but this is the most balanced spot RIFT’s callings have ever been in. I feel satisfied about my role in bringing these things to pass, part of a real team effort to make RIFT the best game it could be.

    What the future holds now, I cannot say. It would be nice to get one more opportunity to work with good people on a quality game.